Are you Winter Ready?

Winter in Alberta introduces new hazards in our day to day life in and outside of work.  The Winter Ready initiative discusses these critical things to teach and reinforce these potential dangerous situations.

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Indoors & Outdoors

Conditions in the winter season change everyday creating unpredictable hazardous environments. It is important to recognize when a walkway is unsafe to prevent a slip, trip or fall. Ensuring walkways are shoveled, de-iced, free of debris and well lit combined with personal precautions like assuming all wet surfaces are slippery, walking with short shuffle-like steps and using handrails can prevent a fall.


Winter Work

Working & Travelling in Winter

Safety doesn’t end at the work site. Potential incidents can follow us to and from work, but are typically easily mitigated with a small amount of foresight and preparation.

Prepare yourself and your vehicle and make sure people know your plans.


Steps, Stairs & Ladders

Changes in elevation are a major source of slips, trips and falls. Whether you are climbing or descending stairs, ladders or steps it is important to observe the area and understand and reduce the potential risks in front of you.



Organization & Work Area Lighting

Shorter days, ground cover and low visibility all contribute to slips, trips and falls in busy work places. Tools, equipment, and extension cords can all easily hide under a thin cover of snow, making it easy to trip even when lighting is good. Combine that with shorter days and reliance on artificial lighting makes for a much more dangerous work environment on the ground.


Spring Ready

Wildlife & Environment

Winter is finally coming to an end. We can sense the change in the air and so can nature. Animals are coming out of their winter slumber, ice and snow is melting and a new set of safety challenges are coming our way.

Winter Ready Webinars for Leaders and Employees

Below we are offering opportunities for you to register and participate in the Winter Ready Webinars for Leaders and Employees

Join our Webinars and Workshops brought to you by Health and Safety Professional Mike Lowes Founder of The Thrive Company who has over 20 years experience in a variety of environments including; oil & gas, electrical utilities, major project construction, mining, and manufacturing facilities.

Winter Ready for Leaders

Winter brings additional health and safety challenges and a significant increase in injury rates. Winter Ready for Leaders provides insights into the types of injuries we can experience along with strategies and tools to prepare and reduce incidents during the winter season.

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