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Optimize your employee experience through an impactful psychological health and safety program

A journey designed for…

Municipalities at any level of readiness, interested in building, promoting, or enhancing psychological health and safety in their workplace

Designed and delivered by…

The Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association (AMHSA) is an educational non‑profit organization that promotes the knowledge of health and safety in the workplace. Every town, village, municipal district, county, city, and specialized municipality in Alberta is a member of the association.  Please visit our corporate website at

We define impact as…

Demonstrating you care about your people

Strengthening fiscal responsibility

Improving organizational sustainability

Optimizing employee experience

Preventing psychological harms

Promoting Mental Health

These represent the destination.  The things we are driving towards.

How will we reach our destination?

Our Solution

A journey to healthier, happier, more productive employees…

Journey enablers and a consistent support system, will allow you to reach your destination at your own pace

How does one get started or learn more?

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Additional Resources

Download our Business Case Calculator spreadsheet to dig into the financial benefits to your municipality.

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