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The Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association (AMHSA) is an educational non‑profit organization that promotes the knowledge of health and safety in the workplace. Every town, village, municipal district, county, city, and specialized municipality in Alberta is a member of the association.

Devco Consulting Ltd. enhances safety in work environments through innovative design and visual products built for the extreme Canadian elements.

By partnering together, we provide the most complete set of safety programs, services, information and products available for Alberta’s Municipalities today!

Line of Fire injuries encompass contact with a force that your body cannot endure.  This is a well known industry categorized injuries that typically are grouped into three core areas: Striking HazardsCrushing Hazards, and Stored Energy.   In addition to this, we have a special activity for Hand Safety as well as a complete standalone program for Dropped Objects.


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Musculoskeletal Injuries occur in all types of workplaces, in the office and in the field.  Find out more on how you can help prevent these potentially long term debilitating injuries from entering your organization.


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Initiating the Psychological Health and Safety Conversation

We are proud to offer new and expanded products and services that better reflect the changing operational needs of members in supporting psychologically safe workplaces. 


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Aquatic Health & Safety Awareness Campaign

We are excited to introduce a campaign that supports the topics and engagement events related to aquatic occupational health and safety by providing Webinars, Certificates, Resources, and more!


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Winter in Alberta introduces new hazards in our day to day life in and outside of work.  The Winter Ready initiative discusses these critical things to teach and reinforce these potential dangerous situations. 


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